Gearing Up For My Return

26 10 2009

Since I am recovering from an unknown stomach issue yet again (Buscapina is a life saver), I have some more time to update my blog.

Coming home for a few months before I head to South Korea will give me time to pursue more of my interests.

Interest #1: Keeping track of business ideas. My interest in entrepreneurship has always been high, and I would say that it’s at an all-time high right now. Consequently, my mind cannot stop thinking of random business ideas, both domestic and international. So, I’ve decided to write every idea down and keep a log of them.

Interest #2: Update my website on my MacBook Pro and figure out a way to update it remotely.

Interest #3: Think about and implement video on my blog. I’d love to be able to capture my experiences on camera.

Interest #4: Continue learning more about social media.

Interest #5: Learn about online advertising.

Interest #6: Learn how to make short movies.

Interest #7: Learn more about photography.

Interest #8: Read more about investing. It’s a fascinating subject in which I’d like to devote more time.

Interest #9: Find a place to play racquetball. I played in college, and I really miss it.

Interest #10: Learn more about wine and cooking, and experiment with different spices and foods.

Random Buenos Aires fact: Love hotels, otherwise known as “telos,” are common here. Basically, it’s a pay by the hour place to go spend time with your special someone. Since most people live with their families until marriage, they go to these places to get it on. From what I hear, they are actually quite nice.