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One response

29 08 2009
LeeAnne Kryder

Hi Alexa,
Just dropped by to see how you’re doing. I LOVE that you are enjoying teaching (although the advanced class sounded really tough!). Congrats on getting the TESL certificate.

Is there really a need for business English classes? How much of it is writing, or are most classes with an emphasis on speaking?

Finally, I wanted to see if you were ok with my mentioning your website portfolio in an article I’m writing for a student member newsletter (members of IABC?). Do you remember Stacey Thornberry? (I think she was the class ahead of you, in 2007); she works for IABC at their San Francisco headquarters. She edits the newsletter that IABC student members read. It’s online. She asked me to write about student portfolios (esp. online ones). She hasn’t kept hers updated, and it’s not best to use hers as an example. I won’t use any as “examples” but I would like to refer to a few online examples for readers to see.
Please think about this and let me know–if e-mail’s easier you can reach me at

Sam has bought a great house up near Painted Cave. He loves it. We (my husband and I and Sam) spent most of the summer sprucing it up. Now he’s looking for two roommates. It’s beautiful. He’s happy.

Good luck with Buenos Aires. Our good family friend Elisabeth spent several years in Santiago, Chile…a year while at U of Michigan and then several years after her Teach for America employment. Elisabeth got a boyfriend here so she stayed and taught in some private schools, in
Spanish (!) for several years. Finally, she returned to Columbia for a MA in special education.
If you’d want to connect with her, let me know. She’s now recently married and lives in Philly.
Take care, Via con Dios!
Dr. Kryder

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