It’s Official: Coming Home and Working in SK

18 10 2009

Well, it’s official. I’m coming home in 12 days. This may come as a surprise to some people, but here’s my reasoning.

  1. I’ve decided to go to South Korea to teach beginning late 2009 or early 2010. I’m currently applying because the application process is lengthy. They require a criminal background check, a copy of my diploma, copies of my TEFL/TESOL certificates, medical records, interviews and several other immigration forms. It’s hard to get all this done if I’m in South America.
  2. Positions in South Korea offer paid housing (furnished studio apartment or shared apartment) equipped with a kitchen, living room area and a Western bathroom. They also offer 50% or more paid health care, round-trip airfare, paid vacations, a salary of $1500-2500 per month  and a month’s salary bonus upon completion of a year program. There are opportunities to earn more money if I work overtime. The only things I have to pay for are utilities, expenses and partial health care. In other words, I can save a lot of money. No place in South America offers anything remotely similar.
  3. I prefer to travel South America when I’m settled and when I have more money saved up. I was hoping to settle down in a city and then travel with limited luggage to selected destinations over the course of my stay. However, I decided not to settle. Hostel hopping is not really the way I want to see the rest of South America. I’ve accumulated so many things over the past several months that I had to buy a bigger suitcase. I’m done hauling everything from hostel to hostel. I’m done sharing a bedroom with strangers. I’m done showering in luke-warm, swampy bathrooms.
  4. I will return to South America when I’m done saving up in Asia. My desire to learn Spanish is too great not to return.

Before I leave, I’ll be enjoying more of Uruguay and Buenos Aires. And, I’m on a mission to find a good Halloween costume since I’m coming back on October 30!