International Exam Prep and Business English

4 09 2009

It´s Friday! This means that tomorrow is my last day of my Teaching Business English class. This also means that I will be checking out one of the new lounges here in Cusco. It´s supposed to be really cool, with lots of bean bags and a pool table. It also supposedly has good food 🙂

Last week, I completed my extra certification course in international exam preparation. Remember when we took the SATs and ACTs for college entrance? Well, there are several standardized English tests that many foreigners have to take for professional certifications and university entrance. I´m now well-educated on how to tutor people and run a class on international English exams. Pretty cool!

As I mentioned above, tomorrow I finish my course on Teaching Business English. This was also very valuable because I will probably have many business clients in Buenos Aires. We learned the basics of accounting (making income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements) and talked about several different business contexts. Next week, I have to turn in my deliverables, which are a couple lesson plans and a final exam that I have to create. All in all, the class has been really stimulating and interesting. Can´t wait until I start teaching!

I´ve been a little behind on the picture taking, so I´ll be taking more pics of the classrooms and the night life. Stay tuned!

One of the Many Classrooms

One of the Many Classrooms



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