TEFL Certified!

25 08 2009
It´s been quite some time since my last blog post. Apologies for those who have been wanting to know what´s going on in my life. Since my last blog post, I have completed my TEFL certification course! All I need to do is turn in my portfolio, and then I get my certificate.

In addition to the TEFL course, I´m taking two add-on courses: one in international exam preparation and another in business English. I´m hoping these extra courses will help me with my job search in the future. It´s good to have these extra certifications, especially when there is a high demand for business English teachers and tutors for exam preparation.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have written two papers and taught a 7am advanced English class for a week. We had to choose which class we wanted to teach, and since nobody wanted to teach the 7am advanced class, I volunteered myself for it. I knew it would be a challenge since we had been practicing on beginner and intermediate speakers. However, life can be more fun if I´m challenged.

Teaching the advanced class was certainly more challenging than I had anticipated. Unfortunately, I do not think it showed my abilities as a teacher. Here´s why. The advanced students are taught here using a method called task-based learning. I, on the other hand, needed to teach my class using a method called EPA (Engage-Practice-Activation). Because of this, I had to change the curriculum completely and make lesson plans from scratch. Other teachers who taught lower classes for the week were able to use the same curriculum that was in their handbooks because the lower classes follow the EPA format. In the long run, this is probably a good thing for me because I got to see what it was really like to plan a lesson when there is nothing to use for framework. Additionally, my students showed up 10-15 minutes late each day, making it hard to get through a lesson. Anyway, that is the reality of teaching, and I´m glad I got to experience it.

What I found really flattering is that some of my students asked me if they could switch into my class. They thought I was an actual teacher at Maximo Nivel, so that felt really good. I had good rapport with several of the students, and I´ll definitely miss that.

My instructors and classmates were awesome. I´ll miss the fun times that we all had in and outside of class. We all went out this past weekend, and it was tons of fun. One night, we went to a karaoke bar, and another night, we had a party at Maximo and then went to a club. We all decided to dress up in 80´s gear on Saturday. Everyone (myself included) made fools of ourselves (especially with my bad dancing), but life´s no fun if you can´t laugh at yourself.



My TEFL Trainers

My TEFL Trainers

Most of the Class + Peruvian Student

Most of the Class + Peruvian Student

Moving to Buenos Aires?

I was offered a job as an English teacher here at Maximo starting in November. At first, I wanted to take the job. However, upon reflection, I don´t think I´m going to take it. The reason is not because I do not like the organization. Maximo is fantastic; I could not have asked for a better place to work.

The reason is Cusco. My love/hate relationship continues with this city, and right now, I think the cons outweigh the pros. The altitude still affects me at times, and the weather is often cold. Additionally, there are so many parasites and viruses that people catch on a daily basis. And finally, I am not attracted to the Cusqueñan men whatsoever. I´ve had to break too many hearts. I´m ready to go to a different city. So, as of right now, I think I´m going to head to Buenos Aires and try to find a job there in mid-late October. I´ve had dreams of living in Buenos Aires for a few months now. Supposedly, the men are more attractive there too! Jobs as English teachers are harder to find there because of more competition, but I´m going to try. If I´m unsuccessful, I´ll probably make my way over to Santiago or Costa Rica, where there are more opportunities, and where the weather is nicer.



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4 09 2009

Congrats and good luck in Buenos Aires! : )

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