TEFL and Kittens!

9 08 2009


It´s been quite a week. I love my TEFL class. It´s a lot of work, but it keeps me busy and stimulated. And, I get to use my creativity and enthusiasm to teach. The students are so friendly, and most of them are really motivated to learn. All of the classes are adult classes, except for a few ¨jovenes¨classes. The jovenes (teenagers) are pretty hard to control.

During the week, we had to observe other English teachers teach their classes. We had four observation write-ups due by the end of the week, and we have two more due this week. I taught my first two mini-lessons (20 minutes each) on Monday and Friday. There was a huge improvement between the two lessons.

For my first mini-lesson, I taught the Peruvian students how to play a very basic form of blackjack, but I ran out of time toward the end of the lesson to actually play. There was a lot that I (and the other  TEFL students) needed to improve on. All in all, the first lesson was definitely not as intimidating as I thought, and I was eager to teach my second one.

On Friday, I taught my second mini-lesson. We had to teach the students new vocabulary, so I focused on mansions. I used Michael Jackson´s Neverland Ranch as an example and taught the the words hot tub, ferris wheel, dance floor, recording studio and tennis court. The lesson went well. When I heard my teacher tell me,¨I think you pulled off a good lesson,¨it was music to my ears.

For my next mini-lesson tomorrow, we´re supposed to focus on speaking. So, the students are going to read a dialogue that we create and then make up their own dialogues. On Wednesday, our mini-lessons will focus on reading. The goal of every lesson is to get the students to speak as much as possible. We´re learning various techniques to get them to speak. The more you get them to speak, the better the lesson.

My Teaching Future

If time permits, I´ll start working on my international resume today. It´s quite different from resumes in the U.S. I´m supposed to include my picture, marital status, birthday and nationality. The resume is also much less detailed than the ones in the U.S.

My teachers talked to us about different opportunities in different countries. I´m 100% sure that I will end up somewhere in Asia within the next couple of years. The benefits and salaries are fantastic in some countries. Then, when I have money saved up from teaching in Asia, I´ll travel all over. I have always dreamed about working and living in different countries, but I had no idea that the dream would come true so soon.

As far as the next few months go, I am not yet sure if I want to stay in Cusco to teach or not. I´ve been meeting awesome people, so it makes my decision to stay harder. I´ve heard that there are many opportunities in Santiago, Chile, but I´ve heard mixed reviews about the city. I wish there were more opportunities in Buenos Aires because I´d really love to teach there. Another city I´m interested in is Valparaiso, Chile.

Life in General

I´ve been feeling pretty healthy and happy except for some unfortunate stomach bouts that keep coming back during unfortunate times. I´ll spare the details. Unfortunately, I wasn´t able to get as much work done as I  had wanted yesterday due to the stomach problems. For the most part, I´m fine though.

On a random note, I met the son of Monsanto´s CEO at a club the other night. For those who don´t know, Monsanto is a huge, controversial agricultural company.


When I woke up this morning, I came downstairs to make some tea, and Rodolfo the cook told me Blackie was here today. Blackie is his two-month old black kitten. He´s so adorable. Naturally, I sat down on the floor to hold him and play with him.

Then, Luisa (another staff member) walked in holding a box with another kitten, Blackie´s brother. Blackie´s brother is a cute, white kitten. Luisa´s cat had a litter of kittens, so Luisa has been giving them away to different people.

Not a bad way to start my day!



Unnamed White Kitten

Unnamed White Kitten