Feeling Better, Thanks to Jesus?

7 07 2009

I´m feeling much better. So much better. In fact, I feel better than I´ve ever felt here. I saw the doctor again today because he wanted to see how I was doing. He gave me some free medicine to take so that the good bacteria that had been killed off when I was taking antibiotics will grow back faster.

This past weekend, a bunch of us had a barbeque at the other volunteer house. The staff let us cook hamburgers and hot dogs for the fourth of July, which was nice. I also went to a huge market about an hour away in the town of Pisaq. I bought some warm Alpaca slippers, some earrings and some playing cards. The market also had a food section. I loved looking at all the different colored spices  (see below).

Pisaq Market  (Woman with Spices)

Pisaq Market (Woman with Spices)

One thing that I´ve noticed the entire time  I´ve been here that I completely forgot to write about is that every single taxi driver has some sort of a Jesus figure on their windshield. The bus that I took to my project earlier today had five Jesus figures suctioned to the window. Whatever it takes to not cause an accident… Some of them are not the best drivers.

Jesus Figures On The Bus

Jesus Figures On The Bus

The kids continue to put a smile on my face. They are so young and yet, all the boys know this really cool dance. They also know how to make ovens out of adobe rocks. I knew the adults know how to make the ovens, but I had no idea that the kids can do it too! They proceeded to make an oven yesterday and cook potatoes in it. I couldn´t believe it.

Dancing Boys

Dancing Boys

Kids Making the Oven

Kids Making the Oven

I´m planning a trip to Bolivia some time within the next couple of weeks before my TEFL class starts. I need to renew my visa by crossing the border. Hoping I won´t experience another bus ride from hell when I go…



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7 07 2009

I hope you won’t experience another bus ride from hell when you go also. Enjoy Bolivia.

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