Parasites: Round Two

2 07 2009

After a fantastic weekend of relaxing, partying and taking a day trip to try Peruvian duck with some of my amigos, I fell ill again on Sunday night. It was only a fever at first– I couldn´t get warm, and I was fatigued. I put on layers and socks and felt pretty miserable. Okay, no problem. Nothing Tylenol can´t cure (P.S. Many pharmacies here don´t carry acetamenophen).

Thanks to acetamenophen, my fever was on and off throughout Monday and went away by Tuesday morning. But by then, something else had crept up on me: diarrhea. That´s when I called the doctor… again. Never have I ever had it that bad in my life. I´ll spare the details.

The doctor presumed it was yet again another parasite. He told me to go get this particular medicine from the pharmacy. So, I fetched the medicine, came back home, took the medicine and drum roll please… threw up the medicine! So, I called the doctor again. He came back to give me a shot to help with my naseau. A few weeks ago, he unsuccessfully tried to give me a shot in my tiny arm vein. This time, he wanted to try again. FAIL. Onto to plan B: my ass. Yep, the cute Peruvian doctor has now given me two shots in my ass. I´m really hoping there´s not going to be a third time– he´s not that cute…

Then, he told me that if I continued to have problems and couldn´t hydrate myself, I´d have to go to the clinic where they´d hook me up to an IV. I continued to have issues the rest of the day and yesterday (The anti-diarrhea medicine he prescribed me was doing nothing.) until a nice volunteer in the house gave me her entire pack of immodium. I had lost my immodium and was so thankful. WHAT A SAVIOR!

Since then, I haven´t had any ¨episodes,¨ just some abdominal discomfort. It´s likely that I got the unknown parasite from one of the children with whom I work. Several of them have parasites, and they are constantly climbing, coughing, sneezing, wiping their noses, etc… on me.

My love/hate relationship with Peru lives on. Hopefully I´ll enjoy this weekend and celebrate the 4th of July somehow. Stay tuned for my next post!



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