Inti Raymi, More Kids, Planning For The Future

27 06 2009

Inti Raymi

Inti Raymi was quite the celebration. The night before the big day, the streets were wall-to-wall with people, and everyone was out partying. A few of us decided to march in the parade for a little bit that night. Little did we know that this was not the best idea.

As soon as we got into the thick of the crowd, we got spit on! Some of the volunteers and I got spit in our hair. Someone else got it on her face! Apparently, the spitting tactic is very common among pick pocketers in crowds. When the victims get flustered, it´s the perfect time for the thieves to swoop in and steal. Luckily, we caught on and quickly fled from the mob of people to wash up.

The next morning, the Inti Raymi festival began. It started at Qoricancha, an Incan temple of the sun. Then, it moved to the Plaza. We decided to go to the plaza before everyone else and grab seats at a bar/restaurant overlooking the celebration. We ordered some fantastic mint-lime tea and relaxed as the plaza became crowded with people. It was truly awesome being so close to performers and having a great view.

Then, after the celebration ended in the plaza, there was a mass exodus up to Saqsaywaman, a beautiful ancient Incan site where the main celebration  took place. The uphill walk took about 40 minutes. I loved how everyone was walking to the same place all at the same time. It felt very special for some reason.

When we reached Saqsaywaman, we found a spot on the mountain overlooking the performance area. It didn´t have the best view, but I was really there more for the experience than anything else. The performance lasted quite some time, and I got hungry. So, I bought a bag of delicious cooked chicken and potatoes. I left before the celebration ended because I didn´t want to face the mad dash of people descending the mountain. All in all, it was a great day.

Inti Raymi at Qoricancha

Inti Raymi at Qoricancha

Inti Raymi in the Plaza

Inti Raymi in the Plaza

Trekking to Saqsaywaman

Trekking to Saqsaywaman



The Daycare

I´m still enjoying helping with the kids at the daycare. They´re just so adorable. Since the daycare has no bathroom, the kids just go outside. Oftentimes, the boys will just pee in plain site, so if you´re in their trajectory, you´re going to get peed on.

The other day, the teacher at the daycare took the children out to a nearby field to show them how to build an adobe oven. She, along with another mother proceeded to build an oven out of abode rocks. Then, when the oven got hot, they cooked potatoes in it by sqaushing the hot rocks onto the potatoes. I found it incredible how they built this really cool oven from a pile of rocks.I didn´t have my camera with me, so all I only got pictures of the leftover hot rocks.

Some of the Kids and Me

Some of the Kids and Me

I´m Taking a TEFL Course

After talking to a super friendly TEFL trainer last night, I have decided to sign up to take the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course here in August. It´s a four-week intensive course, where I´ll be trained to teach English to non-native speakers. After certified, I´ll be able to teach English anywhere in the world for the rest of my life. Guess what that means? More traveling for me, most-likely!



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30 06 2009
Christina Le

I am surprised you hadn’t taken the course already. TEFL is supposed to be a good program. Sounds like Alexa might never come back! : l

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