Peruvian Spiders and Men

9 06 2009

I´m not trying to make any connection between Peruvian spiders and Peruvian men in this post. I just happened to have some interesting experiences involving both species this week.


Yesterday morning, I woke up, ate breakfast and had a cup of caffeinated tea. After the caffeine got me going, I went upstairs to my room, plugged my ipod into my $5 speakers, and began to get ready for the day.

As I was looking in the mirror, I noticed an unusual brown spot on my black pants. I looked more closely, and let out several blood-curdling screams when I became aware that this spot was a large spider crawling up my leg.

I think the staff thought I was dying because they came rushing up to my room in a matter of seconds. The fearless Australian girl in our house was able to catch it and get rid of it thankfully. We´ve had a number of these spiders lurking around here. I just hope I don´t wake up one day to baby spiders everywhere or one crawling on my face.


Men here are very open with their feelings to the point where it´s a bit weird. I´d love more American men to be more forward, but not like this.

Long story short, I´m a heart-breaker (or should I say ¨HART-breaker¨). The Peruvian men love the gringa ladies. However, I don´t really love them. I love to talk to them, but that´s it.

I was originally signed up to practice Spanish with a girl named Denise. Denise became busy and referred me to her friend Armando. Armando is a very friendly, talkative fellow who goes on walks with me around Cusco. I enjoy spending time with him because he talks in all Spanish, and I get to talk back.

Turns out that Armando has a crush. He sent me numerous text messages telling me how much he likes me. I sent him a text back letting him know we should just be friends. He asked why, and I didn´t respond. Then, he texted me again the next day apologizing for any awkwardness.

There was another guy named Carlos who tried pursuing me last week. I danced salsa with him and exchanged numbers with him in hopes to practice more Spanish. I´m realizing, though, that exchanging numbers is a bad idea because it may give them the wrong impression. 

Still figuring out the Latin America way…