Mountain Hiking (Oh, I Mean Biking)

7 06 2009



Local Woman and Her Corn Drink

Local Woman and Her Corn Drink

Crushing Seed Pods

Crushing Seed Pods


I went mountain biking yesrterday in the Peruvian countryside, and it was beautiful. My friend Becky and I were picked up by our driver and a guide, who took us about 45 minutes out of town to beautiful scenery where no one was around.

I titled this post ¨Mountain Hiking¨ because I think I did more hiking than biking. The bike was really hard for me to ride since I´m used to riding a beach cruiser. The gears worked poorly, and I struggled to climb the inclines and often walked up the hills. My asthma and allergies  also kicked in with full force, and the altitude made it even harder to breathe.

Becky and I walked our bikes down the uneven, rocky and narrow paths as well. There was no way you could have paid me to ride down! However, my guide manuevered his way up and down with great ease.

Despite the difficulties with the bike, the landscape was breathtaking. We went to an Incan ruin called Moray where the Incans built crop circles. We also went to a town called Maras, where we saw these amazing salt beds. The citizens of Maras sell the salt to vendors in Cusco.

During the ride, we stopped at an old, poor woman´s house to taste a home made drink made out of corn. It was quite tasty and slightly carbonated. I´m hoping I won´t get sick from it though, because there were flies everywhere, and nothing was sanitary in there. Her kitchen had a dirt floor with guinea pigs running around.

We also stopped to watch some people using donkeys to squash these dried seed pods. Our guide made friends with them, and I got to take the donkey reins and help squash!

By the end of they day, I was exhausted and hungry. So, Becky and I went to get some great pizza, and then I took a warm shower and a very long nap. I´m feeling very refreshed now, and I´m headed to get a cheap massage later today.



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7 06 2009

Sounds like an adventurous day to me!

7 06 2009

So glad to see your photos. I’m so visual, it makes a difference to see what you’re talking about. Enjoy the massage. xoxo

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