Mountain Biking, Polleria, Lakers

4 06 2009

Currently, I´m waiting for my friend to go book a mountain biking excursion for this weekend. Hopefully, I won´t get sick and I´ll be able to go this time!

Later tonight, I´m meeting up with some others at an Irish pub to watch the first game of the NBA finals. Go Lakers!

Some very exciting news: I switched rooms from the triple room to the double room in our house. It´s a lot nicer than the triple, and it has a full-length mirror. I think I´ll be a lot happier in this room, especially since I´ll only have one roommate and since the door doesn´t make noise every time you open it, like the previous room.

I tried some amazing chicken at a polleria the other day, and it was probably the best chicken I´ve ever tasted. It was cooked slowly, rotisserie style I believe, and seasoned so well. And it was dirt cheap of course!

I also tried chicharron. Chicharron is some sort of very delicious salty, fried pork. Cusqueñans love their fried food and their salt.

A huge difference I´ve been noticing lately is that life is much slower here than in the states.  It´s normal for people to be late and walk slowly while taking up the sidewalk.

I´ll put up more pics most-likely tomorrow. Time to go talk to management here and figure out why they have me scheduled to leave on September 4. I signed up to be here until the middle of September…