Peruvian Sickness

1 06 2009

I never made it river rafting. A few  hours after I posted my last entry, I started feeling terrible.

I sat down to watch a movie with a couple other volunteers, and halfway through the movie I started experiencing excruciating waves of abdominal pain. It only got worse through the night, even after taking Cipro.

The pain subsided only a little bit after taking three Peptol Bismol tablets, but it still hurt horribly as Sunday approached.

Luckily, the main doctor for the volunteers makes house calls, even on Sundays. Within twenty minutes of calling him, the young, good-looking doctor entered my room.

He took my blood pressure, temperature, listened to me through a stethoscope and asked several questions. Then, he gave me a shot to reduce my fever and ease my pain. Since he couldn´t find the vein in my arm, he had to give me a shot on my butt!

One side of my butt is bruised badly from falling down the slippery stairs in my house, so he had to give me a shot on the other side. Fun!

I´m now taking Cipro every day for the next few days, Pepto Bismol every six hours and another anti-biotic he prescribed me for the next week. They seem to be doing the trick, as I´m feeling minimal pain. My diet is limited to chicken soup, bread, rice and bland foods.

I´m not sure if I have a virus, a parasite or a bacterial infection, but whatever it is, hopefully it´ll get killed! I´m going to his office tomorrow, and I´m going to bring him a box of See´s Candies.

On the bright side, the river rafting agency said I can make up my trip another day. I have my Spanish test in a few hours. Gotta go study (I took the day off from work today to recuperate)!