New Peruvian Phone Number

20 05 2009

I think I finally worked out my cell phone problem, I hope! It was a struggle buying a cell phone and going to the calling card place. My new phone number is +51 (or 051) 084 984 038588. I still may have trouble calling U.S. phone numbers, but you can call this number on Skype!

I´m usually free after 2pm PST. Hasta luego!



3 responses

9 06 2009
Danielle Hart

Kind of late in the game to ask this: When adding the number through skype, do you have to add the 011 before the country code and your number or just the number you listed? My info is through my email ( and should show up as DanieBarton03.

10 06 2009

i think just my number. don´t think you have to add 011, but i may be wrong…

10 06 2009
Danielle Hart

It seems to have accepted just the number. Ttyl.

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