My Sister’s Wardrobe Just Doubled

15 05 2009
Ready to go!

Ready to go!

My twin sister Eliza’s wardrobe just doubled. How? I’m leaving behind a ton of clothes. I spent three days packing (and re-packing) until I whittled down my belongings to one suitcase, one large carry-on backpack and one small backpack. And guess what? There’s room to spare! Considering I overpack for every trip, this is quite a feat.

What’s hard about packing for my South American adventure is that I’m going to experience all different kinds of weather– rainy, sunny, cold, hot and humid. Thus, I have packed only the essentials (plus a few extra pieces of clothing). 

This is my last post before I leave. My flight is scheduled to depart on Saturday, May 16 at 1:50 PM. I’ll arrive in Lima around 1 AM (11 PM California time), where I will go through customs and stay up all night until my flight to Cusco departs at 5:30 AM (3:30 AM California time). If my flights are on time, I will arrive in Cusco around 6:45 AM (4:45 AM California time). I may have to order some coffee during the tail end of the flight!

The past three weeks back home in Southern California were just what I needed to gear myself up for what lies ahead. I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me in my decision to travel. It feels great knowing that people are behind me. A few shades darker from soaking in the sun, I’m happy to have spent my time with family and friends. What a great send-off! Enjoy the clothes, Eliza!



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16 05 2009

I will definitely be enjoying the clothes! Enjoy Peru! WOOOO we’re about to take you to the airport! I can’t believe that I don’t know the next time I’ll see you! I haven’t installed skype on my new laptop yet, so I’ll jump on it.

18 05 2009

Yes, SKYpe’s the LIMIT…a wonderful device which I’ll be installing on my MacBook very soon also. In the meantime, Alexa, I hope you are enjoying discovering Peruvian customs and what life in Cusco is like as you get settled into your new home away from home.

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