“Cinco de Crispo”

8 05 2009

What do unusually warm temperatures, dry conditions and ocean breezes mean? Answer: Great beach weather. What else? The perfect recipe for fires. As I spent my Cinco (and seis) de Mayo  in Santa Barbara, it quickly became “Cinco de Crispo,” an appropriate term coined by my Santa Barbarian friend.

The fire seemed tame while I hopped from beach to beach in the unusually warm weather. Then, the winds picked up, and the once under-control blaze became out of hand in a matter of minutes.  With erratic winds gusting up to 60-65 miles per hour and temperatures reaching the high 90s, custom-built homes burned and people evacuated. Governor Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency. 

The fire is still burning, and some citizens of beautiful Santa Barbara are probably getting little sleep. However, one point that rings true is that people come together in times of crisis. If there’s one positive outcome from the fire, it’s the fact that people are supporting each other. I hope that those affected by the fire are okay, and I wish them all the best in the recovery process.