Farewell San Francisco

4 05 2009


Alamo Square

Alamo Square

I moved out of San Francisco ten days ago. Living in the city was a great experience, and I’m hoping to be back one day. I met some amazing people, maneuvered my way around on public transportation and learned a great deal about myself and the city. I had been to SF several times before I moved there, but visiting is much different than actually living there. What I love most about San Francisco is its beauty and diversity. 


The hills provide great views of both the city and the bay. And I love how there are so many distinct neighborhoods, each one with a completely different feel. 

Although I will not miss the weather, I will certainly miss my friends, walks in Golden Gate Park, Dolores Park, hanging out on rooftops, the beautiful beaches, admiring the Pacific Heights mansions, the sunny days when everyone is outside, the street parades, the nightlife, and yes, even the sound of the Muni buses saying “Please hold on.”